UnitedHealthcare Global

Whitman students have access to UnitedHealthcare Global, an excellent source of specific, up to date information on health and safety issues country by country. All OCS students are urged to explore the site and look up information about their OCS destination. Features include ratings of hospitals and clinics, cultural dos and don'ts, women's travel safety, prohibited prescription medications, and much more.

To access the UnitedHealthcare Global website, simply follow these steps

  1. Log onto "MyWhitman.edu,"
  2. Click on the "Welcome" tab
  3. Locate your Toolbox
  4. Click on Global Health and Security Updates  (10th bullet point on the list)

The UnitedHealthcare Global site includes the following information:

  • latest medical and security alerts
  • country-specific risk ratings based on security issues 
  • country-by-country health and medical care information based data from Harvard Medical International
  • "Need a Hospital" tab for top medical facilities in a region
  • significant dates feature for holidays, elections, etc in specific countries
  • travel tips for women
  • ATM locators
  • country-by-country cultural information
  • list of prohibited medications by countries
  • world times