As part of the OCS program tuition, Whitman College will be purchasing iNext Supplemental Premium Travel Insurance, offering worldwide travel assistance and international medical insurance for all study abroad students who attend Whitman Partner Programs during the academic year.

The OCS Staff will be taking care of the initial iNext Travel Insurance enrollment. Once students are enrolled, they will receive an email from iNext with their policy number and account information.  We recommend that students forward the iNext email to their parents for reference.  If students wish to receive a laminated iNext ID card (at no additional charge) they will need to complete their profile and it will be sent to them via standard US Postal Service within 5-10 business days.  However, in the iNext email, students will see an option to print their card and insurance information directly from the email, bypassing further enrollment steps by the student.

Please note that the iNext Supplemental Premium Travel Insurance does not cover any medical expenses in the United States.  Therefore, students should maintain their current U.S. medical insurance that covers them in the U.S. in case they need to return home for treatment.  Students are responsible for taking care of paying for their own medical bills while studying abroad.  Physicians and hospitals outside of the US do not bill US medical insurance companies directly.  So students should plan on bringing extra funds with them to pay for any potential medical expenses while abroad.

The iNext supplemental insurance provided by Whitman covers students while outside the United States for one year.  This means that students who travel before or after their program begins and ends will still be insured.  Coverage will begin July 1 for fall semester and full-year study abroad students, and January 1 for spring semester study abroad students.

The main benefits of the iNext Supplemental Premium Travel Insurance include the following:

Deductible = $0

Medical Expense = Accident $100,000/Sickness $20,000

Dental = $500

Emergency Medical Transportation = $1,000,000

Repatriation of Remains = $50,000

For detailed information about iNext coverage, please visit