Students will want to select a program that meets their academic needs and learning style.  Whitman's Partner Programs can roughly be divided into four different types:

Direct Enrollment: These study abroad programs provide an opportunity to enroll in a foreign university as a visiting international student and study and live alongside local students. (Examples: University of St Andrews, University of East Anglia,  and University of Otago).

Community-based/Field-based Programs: These study abroad programs offer courses in the natural sciences, social sciences or arts on location to small groups of students from US institutions. Studies in field-based programs involve learning directly from the local community through participant observation, research, apprenticeships and/or internships. (Examples: School for International Training and The School for Field Studies).

Study Centers: These study abroad programs provide an opportunity to study with other U.S. students at study abroad centers overseas.

U.S. Based Programs: Whitman offers four semester-long U.S. Partner Programs in fields as diverse as: US politics (American University's Washington Semester), urban studies and professional internships (The Philadelphia Center), acting conservatory (The O'Neill Center's National Theatre Institute) and oceanography/maritime studies (SEA Semester).