Geology in Ecuador

Crossroads courses are Whitman faculty-led, short-term courses designed to enhance student learning through intensive and engaged study off-campus or abroad. Crossroads courses are offered in the summer or during breaks and aim to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to investigate scientific phenomena or engage with cultural resources or other local resources not available on campus
  • Enhance students' knowledge about a global issue(s) from a non-U.S. or underrepresented perspective
  • Develop students' intercultural competence, i.e. the ability to interact sensitively and successfully with people from different cultures, circumstances and/or from different scholarly traditions

Crossroads Programs Past & Present:

Crossroads 2020

Crossroads 2019

Crossroads 2018

Crossroads 2017

Get Advising Assistance
  • Have non-academic questions (about financial aid, medical needs, disability accommodations, fees, flights, etc)? Contact Whitman OCS staff 
  • Have academic questions? Contact a Crossroads course faculty leader. 
  • Attend annual Crossroads Student Information Meeting typically held in September to learn about new offerings

Review General Eligibility for Crossroads Courses
  • Student must be in good academic standing
  • Student must be a continuing student (ie graduating seniors in May are not eligible for summer Crossroads courses)
  • Student must be enrolled in courses on the Whitman campus the semester before the Crossroads course 

Review Crossroads Course Prerequisites
  • Read Crossroads course descriptions and make sure that all prerequisites for the specific Crossroads course will be met.