Merit Scholarships

Students who receive Whitman merit scholarships can apply them directly to the fees of Whitman OCS Partner Programs.  Merit scholarships are typically not recalculated when a student studies off campus unless the merit scholarship exceeds the total basic cost to attend the OCS program.  The only exception is the Music Department scholarships that require participation in a Whitman on-campus ensemble.

Need-based Aid

Students attending Whitman's Partner Programs are eligible to apply their Whitman need-based aid and merit scholarships to the fees of the program.  Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services will recalculate the aid awards for students who study off campus and have need-based aid based on the total basic cost to attend the Partner Program.  Typically this will include Whitman tuition, program room and board, visa fee, and an estimate for out-of-pocket expenses including airfare, local transportation, books and personal expenses.  If the total basic program cost is higher than the on-campus budget, then Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services will recalculate the student's financial aid award according to the higher cost of the program.  Conversely, if the total basic program cost is less than the on-campus budget, then the student may be eligible for less aid than they would on campus.

The following items are calculated into the individual program budget for determining student aid eligibility:

  • Whitman tuition
  • Program room fees
  • Program board fees and/or an estimate for meal expenses when program offers a partial meal plan or no meal plan
  • Local transportation estimate
  • Books estimate
  • Personal estimate
  • International airfare (or US airfare for US-based programs) estimate

Please note that there are some personal expenses that are not covered by Whitman aid including, but not limited to: 

  • Passport
  • Visa fees or travel expenses associated with getting the visa
  • Optional program field strips and excursions
  • Special course fees (eg. for travel courses)
  • Independent travel expenses
  • Entertainment
  • Immunizations

Students who are not currently receiving need-based aid but believe they may qualify for aid when they study off campus because of the higher cost of the OCS program may apply to Whitman's Office of Financial Aid Services for consideration of financial aid for their OCS semester/year.  Students must submit a current FAFSA and CSS Profile, and parent tax returns to apply for consideration.  The deadline to apply is October 1 for spring semester OCS participants and May 1 for fall semester and full-year OCS participants.

Work study students should note that work study is not available outside the U.S. and students may need to borrow more funds in loans to cover the work study portion of their aid award.

Any student with financial aid who is considering off-campus study and has questions about how it will impact their financial aid is encouraged to schedule an appointment with one of the staff members in the Office of Financial Aid Services.