Name: Cindy Chang '14
Hometown: Portland, OR
Major: Biology
OCS Program: The Philadelphia Center (TPC)

My experience at TPC has definitely impacted my career plans!  I'd been interested in law before I went to TPC, but I wasn't sure in what capacity or if I actually would want to pursue it as a career. 

Through TPC, I was able to get an internship at the District Attorney's office in both the Family Violence and Sexual Assault and Homicide divisions.  There, I worked with attorneys to prepare criminal cases, speak with witnesses, prepare exhibit lists and items, author several different motions, and get an in-depth experience of the criminal justice system.  The internship also introduced me to what the life of a district attorney looks like, and the kind of work it would entail. 

I didn't  expect to, but I fell in love with it all!  I loved being in the courtroom, I loved looking at the facts of a case and piecing them together to make a convincing argument, and I loved being able to make a difference in the lives of people I spoke with.  TPC helped me realize what I was capable of, and awakened dormant interests and passions. 

I don't think I could have gotten such a hands-on, deep exposure to what this career would involve if I hadn't studied off campus with OCS, and I definitely wouldn't have as certain as I am about a possible career path.  I came away from the internship with an awareness of how much the work of a district attorney excited me, and I realized I want to work at least somewhat in that capacity in the future. Hence, I took the LSATS a few weeks ago and am looking forward to applying to law schools soon to start this journey!