Campaign Progress $165.7 million as of June 30, 2015Campaign Summary

On June 30, 2015, Whitman College successfully completed its largest-ever fundraising campaign. Whitman’s Now Is the Time Campaign helped to secure the resources necessary to perpetuate and build upon the College’s historic strengths and to ensure a brighter future for its students. The Now is the Time Campaign provided an opportunity to bring together alumni, parents and friends to help the next generation of Whitman students by: enhancing the academic program; making the College more accessible; and strengthening our financial foundation. At the completion of the Campaign, all three of the original goals had been met or surpassed. Watch the video, A Foundation Realized to learn more about the success of the Campaign.



A Foundation Realized, Goals Met

John W. Stanton '77, Campaign Chair“Thanks to the leadership and generosity of Whitman’s donors, our campaign has been a great success and our sense of purpose as an institution has been reinvigorated. Our volunteer leadership was key in making this campaign possible.”

John W. Stanton ’77
Campaign Chair
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Enhancing Our Academic Program

Academic Strength Goal: $75 Million
Raised: $82.6 Million

We set out to:

  • Broaden and deepen the curriculum through strategic additions to the faculty
  • Cultivate innovation and excellence in teaching and learning
  • Increase extraordinary learning experiences for students
  • Support the facilities and equipment necessary for a quality education
  • Prepare students to lead in a globally connected world

As a result of the campaign we:

  • Created 16 new professorships and upgraded another 13 positions from temporary/visiting to permanent positions
  • Increased by five times the number of paid internships to support students working at businesses and non-profits locally, nationally and internationally each year
  • Established an Advancing Excellence in Teaching Endowment and other endowments dedicated to innovation in teaching
  • Renovated and expanded Harper Joy Theatre
  • Constructed the Fouts Center for Visual Arts

In the observatory.A campaign gift helped install a telescope and field station at Braden Farm near Wallula Gap, which will provide Whitman students and others with opportunities for research, education, and community outreach.
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Improving Access through Scholarship Support

Access and Affordability Goal: $50 Million
Raised: $53.8 Million

We set out to:

  • Endow need-based scholarships
  • Bolster merit/talent awards

As a result of the campaign we:

  • Enhanced access to Whitman by establishing more than 70 new scholarship endowments supporting:
    • First-generation college students
    • Need-based scholarships
    • Academic merit scholarships
    • Study abroad scholarships
    • Talent awards in music and for leadership

Barbara Sommer Feigin ’59 as a childBarbara Sommer Feigin ’59 understands what it means to dream big and how scholarship aid can change the course of one’s life. Her journey – from Nazi Germany with her parents as a toddler to a successful career in advertising in an era when few women were afforded such opportunities – inspired her to create a legacy at Whitman with a unique scholarship and internship program.
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Strengthening our Financial Base

Financial Strength Goal: $25 Million
Raised: $25.2 Million

We set out to:

  • Ensure that the educational opportunities provided to past graduates will be available to future generations
  • Increase yearly contributions to the Annual Fund

As a result of the campaign we:

  • Built the unrestricted endowment for long-term stability
  • Increased legacy commitments and gifts to the Annual Fund for greater flexibility – today and tomorrow

$4.1 million in campaign gifts have yet to be designated.

Thank You to the Campaign Volunteer Committees

Campaign Steering Committee
John W. Stanton ’77, Chair
Lewis J. Hale ’70, Vice Chair
Robert Spencer Ball ’64
Susan E. Buxton ’85
Sonya Christianson Campion ’83
Megan Ferguson Clubb ’79
John C. Coleman, Jr. ’73
Nancy Bell Evans ’54
Andrew U. Ferrari ’68
Karen E. Glover ’72
Richard E. Hunter ’65
Leigh Ann Lucero ’91
Patricia Bates Mattingley ’70
Marshall K. McReal ’84
Lawrence B. Stone ’77
Michelle Mathieu Rubesch ’92
Denise Garvey Tabbutt ’87
Peter van Oppen ’74
Elizabeth Main Welty

Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Campaign Committee
Karen Elder Pribilsky ’58 Co-Chair
Wilber E. Pribilsky ’55 Co-Chair
Lawrence B. Stone ’77, Co-Chair
David W. Wyckoff ’67, Co-Chair
Robert W. Carmody ’75
Jennifer Brown Coleman ’78
Mary Jane Corliss ’71
James K. Hayner
Hal H. Hunt ’55
Sarah Swanson Michelson ’82
Richard E. Odegard ’62
Elizabeth Main Welty

Northeastern Seaboard Campaign Committee
Lawrence L. Drake ’65, Co-Chair
Heather Havens Myers ’87, Co-Chair
Vojislav S. Andjelkovic ’94
Scott M. Kilpatrick ’03
Jeffrey A. N. Kopczynski ’00
Nola Schatzel Kulig ’81
Patrick C. Turner ’82

Southeastern Seaboard Campaign Committee
Andrew U. Ferrari ’68, Chair
Charlotte Bibb Hammond ’79
Stephen E. Hammond ’79
Kieta R. Mall ’89
Katie Wilson McBreen ’02
Walter C. Minnick ’64

Northern California Campaign Committee
John C. Coleman, Jr. ’73, Chair
Darrell W. Baggs ’67
Anna C. Brady ’99
Michael J. Mahoney ’82
Denise Savoie ’80
Gregory R. Serrurier
Nancy B. Serrurier
Louise L. Stephens ’07
Timothy F. van Oppen ’70
Michael S. Wert ’06

Portland Metro Campaign Committee
Robert S. Ball ’64, Co-Chair
Bradley M. McMurchie ’84, Co-Chair
Robert A. Hinnen ’91
Gordon H. Keane, Jr. ’68
Sally Clarke Landauer ’61
William B. Lazar
Carolyn Vester McMurchie ’54
Jack McMurchie ’53
David Nierenberg
Terrence R. Pancoast ’65
Sara K. Running ’82

Southern California Campaign Committee
James H. De Meules ’67, Co-Chair
Richard E. Hunter ’65, Co-Chair
Michelle Segal Greer ’82
Robert L. Johnson ’65
Michael W. Phillips ’70
Peter S. Schoenlaub ’77
Peter L. Viehl ’87

Western Washington Campaign Committee
Nancy Bell Evans ’54, Co-Chair
Karen E. Glover ’72, Co-Chair
James K. Anderson, Jr. ’58
Sonya Christianson Campion ’83
Jeffrey A. Christianson ’79
Megin Flaherty Edwards ’97
Thomas S. Gorton
Thomas B. Luce ’00
Carla Ashby Nichols ’69
Dean Allen Nichols ’70
Thomas H. Oldfield ’67
Sally J. Otten ’79
Charles W. Rosenberry, II ’81
Denise Garvey Tabbutt ’87
Peter van Oppen ’74