• Taking Flight

    At Lincoln High School, many teens have experienced times without clean clothes, with no food or in the shadow of substance abuse. For Whitman alumni and students working with them, those odds are personal.

  • Seeing Stories

    Sheehan Gallery illustrates the power of graphic narrative with an exhibition, public events and workshops by some of the genre's most successful artists.

  • Journey Toward a Home

    Jessica Marks ’07, director of The Refugee Center Online, uses technology to connect refugees to resources and make U.S. resettlement easier.

  • Living on the Green Side: Part I

    Sloan Ritchie ’93, owner of Cascade Built, endeavors to bring more energy-efficient homes to Seattle without sacrificing comfort and style

  • Living on the Green Side: Part II

    In Portland, tiny house advocate and founder of Niche Consulting Lina Menard ’05 is building small, sustainable homes imbued with the sensibilities of their owners. Photography and videography by Matt Banderas ’04.

  • Et Tu English

    In an unconventional series of sabbaticals, classics professor Dana Burgess takes a late-career degree in ESL to Sri Lanka and back.

  • Freedom Songs

    Aisha Fukushima ’09 channels the global language of hip-hop to bring RAPtivism to the world. By Jenny Lewis

  • The Startup King

    From liberal arts to high tech, a conversation with Portland Incubator Experiment cofounder Rick Turoczy ’93