New Prentiss Hall under construction, mid 1920s
In an image from the Whitman College and Northwest Archives, a group of men stands on the last stone of the old Prentiss Hall, with new Prentiss under construction in the background.

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  • Ladies Hall 1888
    Ladies Hall built as a new wing of the old Seminary Building. Renamed Prentiss Hall in 1902.
    Photo taken in 1888.
  • Gentlemen's hall, late 1800sGentlemen's Hall built (left), next to the first College Hall (center, built 1883).
  • Billings Hall
    Billings Hall was built and served as a men's dormitory until 1915, after which it was used for classrooms.
  • Reynolds Hall
    Reynolds Hall built and served as a women's residence hall until 1926. Photo circa 1910.
  • Original Prentiss Hall moved across street near location of current Prentiss Hall.
  • Lyman House
    Lyman House built.
  • Prentiss Hall
    Current Prentiss Hall built.
  • Prentiss Hall dining hall addition.
  • Anderson Hall
    Anderson Hall built.
  • Jewett Hall built.
  • Lakum Duckum, old Student Union BuildingLakum Duckum, old Student Union Building, circa 1960s.
  • Built in 1928, College House (the third campus building by that name), becomes a residence hall after decades as an apartment building.
  • Douglas Hall
    Douglas Hall built. To date, it is the most recent purpose-built residence hall.
  • Former Walla Walla General Hospital building purchased, becomes North Hall.
  • Marcus House becomes a residence hall after housing the Delta Tau Delta fraternity since 1966.
  • Board of Trustees approves the Living at Whitman Initiative.