• Building a Residential Future

    The Living at Whitman Initiative will be the key to a closer-knit campus community.

  • Left to Their Own Devices

    Whitman's alumni app developers convert new concepts into code.

  • Mind the Gap

    Where urban planning meets questions of equity and inclusion: there, Oregon Department of Transportation’s Talia Jacobson ’04 has found her calling.

  • The African Century

    The founder of nonprofits Akili Dada and African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), Wanjiru Kamau-Rutenberg ’01 is tending a global garden and watching it grow.

  • The Solitary Bee

    Professor of Biology Heidi Dobson and her students study the relationship between bees and the flowers they visit and pollinate, revealing more about the world of insects.

  • In Good Faith

    As dean of Portland’s oldest Episcopal congregation, Nathan LeRud ’04 ministers to a diverse population of parishioners with the mission of making everyone feel welcome.