• Helping Hand

    Bao-Tram Do ’13 overcomes adversity to become a community and civic leader.

  • The Planet’s Veterinarian

    Juan Lubroth ’79 strives to prevent the next pandemic.

  • Leading the Charge

    Kris Nyrop ’79, director of the LEAD Program, works to rehabilitate low-level criminal offenders instead of locking them up.

  • Eyes of the world

    Chemistry professor sings the praises of the Grateful Dead, environmental protectionism and Whitman students.

  • Echo Chamber

    Lud Brito '18 takes on political turmoil and division in "Echo Chamber," an eclectic show premised on the increasing polarization in her homeland and in the United States.

  • Crossword Puzzle

    Spring 2017 Crossword Puzzle