• The Sound of the Cosmos

    In a historic discovery, the LIGO Project recently detected Einsteinian gravitational waves. Professor Greg Ogin, who was involved, explains what that means.

  • Everyone Sees the Astronaut

    As an Educator Mission Specialist with NASA, Dottie Metcalf Lindenburger ’97 is an astronaut. But it’s her career as a teacher that really took her into space.

  • How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes

    Yes or no? You currently live near where you grew up. You regularly have experiences outside the neighborhood where you live. You identify as a person of color. You have held a minimum wage job. These are just a few of the questions posed to audience members during How to End Poverty in 90 Minutes (With 99 People You May or May Not Know).

  • First Do No Harm

    It was already the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti six years ago. At Whitman, a workshop on human rights advocacy raises tough questions about aid accountability.

  • In Their Words: The Thing about Modern Relationships

    According to new research by Professor of Sociology Michelle Janning, looking at love letters in the digital age teaches us a lot about our social relationships.

  • Alumni Profile: Found in Translation

    From Whitman in China to a successful career as a translator and professor: Karen Kingsburg ’82 sees the written word as an important part of cultural exchange.