• Dear Mexican

    Syndicated columnist speaks at the 2015 Hosokawa Lecture

  • Art in the Trenches

    From casting 12-foot Pinocchios to a giant, distorted Snow White, Mark Anderson’s Walla Walla Foundry is the go-to production shop for the world’s most prominent artists.

  • I Return to Heal Another

    One of the first specialized healthcare workers sent to fight Ebola in Liberia, Christopher Perdue ’93 spent two months in-country treating the sick. By Jenny Lewis

  • Funny - You Don't Look Jewish

    A Korean-American and a Jewish-American meet at a dinner party, get married and have children. A recipe for disaster? By Helen Kim

  • Game, Set, Match

    Self-described “indoorsman” Daniel F. Le Ray attends the Tennis and Wine Camp, Whitman’s popular summer camp for adults.