Walter Brattain - Nobel Prize
Walter H. Brattain’s Nobel Prize from 1956, which can be viewed at the Whitman College and Northwest Archives in Penrose Library.

Dr. Walter H. Brattain
Bell Telephone Laboratories
Murray Hill, New Jersey

Stockholm, November 2nd 1956

Dear Dr. Brattain:
As I have already had the honor to inform you, the Swedish Royal Academy of Sciences has decided to award you, Dr. Shockley and Dr. Bardeen this year’s Nobel Prize for Physics jointly for your investigations on semiconductors and your discovery of the transistor effect...

Arne Hartgren
Vetenskapsakademiens Sekreterare

Mr. Ross R. Brattain
Mercer Island, Washington

Murray Hill Laboratory, November 27, 1956

Dear Dad:
The time is approaching when we will be off to Sweden...Needless to say, we are as busy as beavers getting ready. We all have a very hard time to keep from getting too excited. The best part of it all is to know that you and Mother are enjoying it, too. It is really too big and probably more than I deserve...