• Harvesting History

    Inside Whitman’s new wine archive initiative

  • Life the Universe and Everything

    Prior to two sold-out lectures at Whitman, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson shared his thoughts on science education, the rebooted Cosmos TV show and life as the people’s astrophysicist.

  • This Land is Your Land

    Neil Kornze ’00 controls a third of U.S. land. Kornze talks energy, conservation and trekking across the country with Senator Harry Reid.

  • Star Tracker

    Astronomer Gerard van Belle ’90 looks through a telescope – and sees the future.

  • All that Glitters

    A 40-inch piece of “coprolite” made headlines selling for $10,370 at a Beverly Hills auction house. Geologists like Pat Spencer, who studies look-alike minerals, are skeptical.