Weddings and Unions

We love to celebrate with you! Submit a photo of your ceremony to be featured in Whitman Magazine. Announcements can be submitted to:

Mail: Whitman College, Office of Alumni Relations, 345 Boyer Ave., Walla Walla, WA 99362

*Be sure to identify everyone in the photograph.

Tess Molitor '94 to Joe Harper, June 2, 2017, in McCall, Idaho.

Mary Lindley Torbenson '99 to Andrew Williamson, June 10, 2017, in Seattle Washington.

Whitman College Mary Lindley Torbenson ’99 Wedding

Rick Chatham '00 to Oliva Robinson, Aug. 19, 2017, at Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona, California.

Whitman College Rick Chatham ’00 Wedding

Left to right: Julie Caton ’02, Chatham, Robinson and Nick Caton ’01.

Lina Menard '05 to Isha Leinow, Sept. 24, 2017, in the Mt. Tabor ampitheater in Portland, Oregon.

Whitman College Lina Menard ’05 Wedding

Front row: Leinow, Menard.
Second row: Aaron Hardy (former debate coach), Amy Weller ’05, Sarah Bronstein ’05, Aaron Christopherson (son of Michelle Janning and Neal Christopherson), Michelle Janning (Professor of Sociology), Colleen McKinney ’08, Sean Gehrke (former assistant director of Residence Life);
Third row: Dylan Carlson ’05, Lish Riley (Outdoor Program Rental Shop Manager), Lindsey Thompson ’06, Jeanne McMenemy ’71, Neal Christopherson (Institutional Research);
Fourth row: Heidi Peterson McFarley ’93, Matt Eppelsheimer ’05, Claudia Pesce Ramer ’05, Christian Iverson ’04, Susan Buchanan (former director of Student Engagement Center), Mike Fish ’06, Eleanor Parker Claggett ’07, Shelby Blessing ’07, Eric Schoettle ’08, Corey McKrill ’04, Noah Bronstein ’08, Alison Wallisch ’05.

Nicole Morton '05 to Christopher Pauly in Maui, Hawaii, Feb. 27, 2018.

Whitman College Nicole Morton ‘05 Wedding

From left: Benjamin Batstone ‘02, Pauly, Morton, Holly Batstone.

Jeanne Tucker ’06 to Brett Henkle, Oct. 21, 2017, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Wenatchee, Washington.

Whitman College Jeanne Tucker ’06 Wedding

From left: Emily Jarvis ’06, Dylan Good, Sarah May Johnson ’06, Tim Pickett, Malia Roth ’03, Chris Rasmussen, Tucker, Henkle, Madeline Orr, Josh Bryant, Marya Colignon ’06 and Kelven May.

Keith Cushner ’08 to Nicole Likarish '09, Sep. 19, 2017, in Banks, Oregon.

Whitman College Keith Cushner ’08 to Nicole Likarish ’09 Wedding

Front row, from left: Likarish, Cushner and Jennifer Ng ’09.
Middle row: Jocelyn Bray Arnold ’06, Erin Pettersen ’08, Adriana Piazza ’08, Joe Gustav ’10, John Stewart ’08, Luke Hagel ’08, Jackie Smith ’09 and Alex Frank ’08.
Back row: Keith Jarrett ’05, Jordan Kline ’06, Alec Sugar ’08, Eric Suni ’06, Andrew Deming ’06, Charlie Wittmann-Todd ’08, Brian Abelson ’08, Meryl Farrar ’09, behind Frank, Ash Higgins ’08.
Other Whitties in attendance included Peter Leyden ’20 and Emily McKinstry ’09.

Laura Masko Gibson ’09 to Cole Rathjen '09, July 15, 2017, at Heart Rock Farm in Scandanavia, Wisconsin. The ceremony was officiated by Sara Haas '08.

Whitman College Laura Masko Gibson ’09 to Cole Rathjen ’09 Wedding

Back row: Lian Caspi ’13, Kate Ceronsky ’10, Emily Beloof ’09, Ari Rampy ’09, Masko Gibson, Rathjen, Nick Donaldson ’09, Brett Axelrod ’09, Joe Johnson ’09, Ben Serrurier ’11, Katrina Barlow ’09.
Front row: Sophie Johnson ’08, Sarah Haas ’08, Simon Quay ’09.

Jane Collins ’10 to James Franz ’10, Sept. 1, 2017, at Brooklyn Winery in Brooklyn, New York. 

Whitman College Jane Collins ’10 Wedding

Back row, from left: Harrison Fulop ’10, Andrew Witherspoon ’10, Marcy Manker ’10, Franz, Collins, Claire Stimson ’10, Sidney Kohls ’10 and Jocelyn Richard ’10.
Front row: Lindsey Witcosky ’10 and Grace Emery ’10.

Derek Thurber ’11 to Emily Reynolds, Oct. 14, 2017, at the Chateau de Vie in Chandler, Arizona.

Whitman College Derek Thurber ’11 Wedding

Front row, from left: Brandon Fennell ’11, Rebecca Fish ’11, Olivia Johnson ’11, Kristin Ivie ’11, Thurber, Reynolds.
Back row: Heather Dimock, Tristan Grau ’11, Nick Wood ’11, Brent Lowry.

Jeff Hopfenbeck ’11 to Linnea Rudeen ’11, July 2017, at their property in Fairplay, Colorado.

Whitman College Jeff Hopfenbeck ’11 to Linnea Rudeen ’11 Wedding

Front row, from left: Liza Allen ’11, Reed Rankin ’11, Gretchen Swanson ’11, Ilona Davis ’11, Claire Oatey ’11 and Abby Rhinehart ’11.
Second row: Carter Timbel ’11, Robin Lewis ’11, Max Appleton ’11, Sarah McGee Hopfenbeck ’81, Hopfenbeck, Rudeen, Anna Taylor ’11, Zoey Rogers ’13, Katrina Barlow ’09, John Klaassen ’11, Deirdre Gorman ’11 and Alicia LeClair ’11.
Third row: Brian Vieth ’11, Will Falltrick ’11, Ben Serrurier ’11 and Tom Austin ’11.
Back row: Cam Deamer-Phillips ’11, Matt Bachmann ’11, Ross Eustis ’11, Charlie Procknow ’11 and Conner Bottomly ’11.

Jeanne Tucker ’06 to Brett Henkle, Oct. 21, 2017, at St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Wenatchee, Washington.

Whitman College Jessie Austin ’16 Wedding