By Edward Weinman
Photos: Matt Banderas ’04

By the end of the basketball season forward Sarah Anderegg ’14 was covered in bumps and bruises. Routinely posting up against bigger, stronger hoopsters during the Lady Missionaries’ run to the NCAA Division III finals, the sociology major took a beating – and so did the entire team – as Whitman finished national runners-up in 2013-14.

During their season, we witnessed sublime athletes pushing themselves beyond the point of exhaustion, perfecting their physical and mental dexterity. Rather than ordinary game photos depicting Anderegg and her teammates, Whitman Magazine arranged a photo shoot to artistically applaud the team’s accomplishments and to reveal a different side of the starting five.

Each player had a blast during the photo shoot, held in an empty classroom inside Maxey Hall. The results appear on the following pages: split-portraits documenting the athletes’ transformation from the basketball court to a celebratory night out.

The portraits still the perpetual motion of these athletes, and forward the aesthetics of the human form with perfect symmetry. The players look like superheroes, as the camera captures the Fab Five’s power, athletic prowess and grace.

Sarah AndereggSarah Anderegg ’14

Height: 6-2
Position: Forward/Post
Hometown: Redmond, Wash.
Major: Sociology, Spanish minor

“Even though we didn’t win the championship, I still feel like a winner. By the end of the season I was covered in bumps and bruises, but I had laughter and love in my heart from all the memories that we made along the way.”


Heather JohnsHeather Johns ’15

Height: 5-7
Position: Guard
Hometown: West Richland, Wash.
Major: Biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology

“The success on the court was just icing on top of an amazing year spent making memories with the team that I call my family. Epic team. Epic season.”


Meghan WhiteMeghan White ’14

Height: 6-0
Position: Post
Hometown: Huntington Beach, Calif.
Major: Biology/geology

“Unbelievable! I’ll always remember the times spent with the Whitman fans, Walla Walla community and my family, a.k.a., my team. OoooOoooo!”


Tiffani TraverTiffani Traver ’14

Height: 5-8
Position: Guard
Hometown: Oregon City, Ore.
Major: Mathematics

“We accomplished so many things and made history, but the best part is that it was spent with people who I consider family.”


Hailey McDonaldHailey McDonald ’16

Height: 5-8
Position: Guard
Hometown: Portland, Ore.
Major: Economics-environmental studies

“It was the biggest and best adventure I’ve ever had. I’m just glad I got to spend it with these girls and this team.”