• The Fab Five

    Meet the star players of Whitman's Women's Basketball team.

  • Interview with a “Part-Time Indian”

    His grandmother’s babysitter was Chief Joseph. He has appeared on "The Colbert Report." He laughs with you but he also talks about genocide. When you speak to Sherman Alexie – this year’s Summer Read author – you cover a lot of ground. Just don’t ask him to be a spokesman for anyone.

  • Clouds of Books

    Nicole Comforto ’04 is fighting the social injustice that is illiteracy by procuring hundreds (soon to be thousands) of books that will be uploaded to a cloud-based library which children from the developing world can then download to cheap tablets, phones or a school’s PC.

  • The Dating Game

    Facebook media strategist Andrew Poole ’06 seeks true love on television.

  • Designing the Future

    Five alumni clustering together at Harvard’s prestigious Graduate School of Design describe the essence of urban planning and landscape architecture. And, no, they’re not learning how to mow lawns and weed gardens.