• Object Lesson

    Sign Here - Every U.S. President Has

  • 100 Days of Summer

    It’s summer, but for 134 Whitman students, vacation means interning across the U.S. in a wide array of jobs, from a mathematics major working for World Wide Motion Picture Group to a biology major needling away in an acupuncture clinic. What are Whitties doing on their summer holidays?

  • The Forever Business

    When U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell is not in the nation’s capital, the cabinet official can be found roaming the West celebrating with mariachi bands or retracing the footsteps of Billy the Kid and Geronimo. Prior to delivering Whitman’s 2014 Commencement speech, the former CEO of REI sat down with Whitman Magazine.

  • Campaign gifts add faculty positions to invigorate curriculum in computer science

    Governing Board members and the Microsoft Corporation accelerate Whitman’s plans

  • Life in the Trenches

    The ocean vehicle Nereus implodes on a six-mile-deep dive, witnessed by Whitman Professor of Biology Paul Yancey.

  • Life Aquatic

    Music major Karl Mering '15s reflections on winning the national championship in the 100 yard butterfly