So, you think you’ve been everywhere at Whitman College and know the campus like the back of your hand. Think again. Photographer Greg Lehman borrowed a set of keys, explored the college’s seldom-seen places and brought back these photos.

widow walk panorama

1. Baker Faculty Center (BFC), designed by noted architect Kirtland Cutter, features a widow’s walk atop its roof … but without a sea in sight. College Creek will have to suffice.

hidden in cordiner hall thinker statue

2. Cordiner Hall’s underground vault serves as a repository for archived campus artwork, from sculpture to paintings, and much more.

hidden in memorial building attic

3. In Memorial Building’s vast attic, you can find all sorts of items, including office records, furniture, artifacts … and treasure (see No. 7).

paintings in cordiner

4. Painted by artist William Swain, this portrait of Capt. Seth Pinkham casts a watchful eye over artwork stored in Cordiner Hall’s vault.


5. BFC’s fire sprinkler control system, a network of pipes, dials and valves, is housed in the basement of this structure.


wooden nickels
6. (Left) The BFC library offers a comfortable and quiet setting for dining and conversation.

7. (Above) A trove of coins (wooden nickels) commemorates Whitman’s 1965 Homecoming.