Award winners
From left: David Boardman, Allison Felt ’14, Sylvie Luiten ’12, Shelly Le ’14, Josh Goodman ’12, Rachel Alexander ’13 and President George Bridges.

The Seattle Times Executive Editor David Boardman and President George Bridges presented awards to the winners of the 2012 Hosokawa Journalism Contest.

For the contest, students submitted stories that had been published in The Pioneer. Journalists from around the country judged the entries. Winners received a cash prize of $500 made possible by the Hosokawa endowment.

The winners of the five categories are as follows: Opinion/Editorial, Rachel Alexander ’13; Photography, Allison Felt ’14; Feature, Rachel Alexander ’13 and Shelly Le ’14 (tie); Sports, Sylvie Luiten ’12; and News, Josh Goodman ’12.

The contest is part of an endowment established at Whitman College by David and Beverly Hosokawa and the Hosokawa Family Foundation in 2000. The endowment, intended to be a celebration of journalistic excellence, includes the annual contest and a lecture.