Lincoln and team

Justin Lincoln, workshop co-coordinator, assistant professor of art

Description: Marshal McLuhan suggested that as we shape our tools our tools shape us. As we become increasingly coupled with networked computers in both our personal and professional lives, this thought might be extended to a ceaseless cybernetic feedback loop. The shaping goes both ways in a dynamic process. It is important to critically and creatively study this iterative process. How can we leverage the intimate relationship between our bodies, minds and technological tools, for ourselves and our students? It is our goal that this group open dialogues between departments and divisions about changes brought on by our contemporary networked environment, in our working habits, thoughts and daily lives. The open structure of the topic lends toward future collaboration in research and teaching.

How will you accomplish this? We will meet on Wednesday mornings and take turns selecting readings and viewings, as well as leading group discussions.

Why is this cross-disciplinary approach important? I think we all truly value the caliber of ideas and discussion that can be had among colleagues. Our particular area of focus lends itself to open discussion from multiple perspectives. As academics we are all trained in pattern recognition, and in some ways bringing together experts in different disciplines might make the patterns more beautifully kaleidoscopic.