Education colleagues end time at Whitman; department closes

Fenimore-Smith Kay Fenimore-Smith

Education professor's future tied to the past: She plans to continue work with tribal school

When Kay Fenimore-Smith, associate professor of education, closes her Whitman career after this semester, her next step may take her full circle, along a familiar path.

Callister Tom Callister

Longtime education professor, associate dean ready to live the next chapter

When Tom Callister came to Whitman as an assistant professor of education in 1994, he arrived to find himself a department of one. "I was chair of my department the first day."

Thompson Lee Thompson

Thompson learned countless life lessons from his students, who feel he brought out the best in them

"My teaching philosophy has always been to be the most ardent advocate for students, in and out of the classroom."

Glenn Dave Glenn

Student: Glenn is our biggest fan and supports us in our musical growth

After 22 years of teaching at Whitman, David Glenn, professor of music, has been a witness to many changes in the classroom and recording studio, including the introduction of PowerPoint and virtual instruments. But one thing has remained the same — to him, the students have always been a "constant inspiration."

Withycombe Bob Withycombe

Withycombe closes 30-year Whitman career

"I hope my students have learned that everyone has a duty to step up and make an argument; to be an actor and not just an observer."


— Stories by Ashley Coetzee and Lana Brown