Shorebird Ecology

Mark Colwell '79 is the author of "Shorebird Ecology, Conservation & Management" (University of California Press, November 2010). "Shorebirds are model organisms for illustrating the principles of ecology and excellent subjects for research. Their mating systems are as diverse as any avian group, their migrations push the limits of endurance, and their foraging is easily studied in the open habitats of estuaries and freshwater wetlands. This comprehensive text explores the ecology, conservation and management of these fascinating birds. The text also covers shorebird demography, population size and management issues related to habitat, predators and human disturbances. Throughout, it emphasizes applying scientific knowledge to the conservation of shorebird populations, many of which are unfortunately in decline." Mark teaches applied ecology classes with an emphasis on birds for the Wildlife Department, Humboldt State University. He lives in Arcata, California, with his wife, Tammie Lamus Colwell '81.

Nuclear Medicine

Jennifer Thompson Prekeges '79 has authored "Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation" (Jones & Bartlett, October 2009). The book "focuses on instruments essential to the practice of nuclear medicine. Covering everything from Geiger counters to positron emission tomography systems, this text provides students with an understanding of the practical aspects of these instruments and their uses in nuclear medicine." In four sections it covers small instruments, Gamma Camera, Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) and Positron Emission Tomography (PET). "By concentrating on the operation of these instruments and the potential pitfalls that they are subject to, students will be better prepared for what they may encounter during their career." Prekeges continues to teach nuclear medicine technologist students at Bellevue (Washington) College.