Suzanne L. Martin Award for Excellence in Mentoring


Julie Charlip, professor of history

In nominating Charlip, a colleague lauded her for her mentoring of students in the First Generation/Working Class group. The colleague wrote, "As a faculty member who is the first in my family to graduate from college, I really appreciate this group's efforts toward inclusiveness and mutual support. I have attended many of the student/faculty functions organized by the students and Julie. They have worked to raise awareness of class issues, and Julie has been an advocate for students from working families." Charlip joined the faculty in 1993.

George Ball Award for Excellence in Advising


Susan Pickett, Catharine Gould Chism Chair of Music

In nominating Pickett, a student wrote, "Dr. Pickett is one of the most passionate and dedicated faculty members that I have had the honor of working with. She inspires her students every single day. She is such an incredibly strong role model, we see the positive influence she has on countless students, and we each hope that one day we may be able to inspire others as she has inspired us." The student went on to note Pickett's strength as a great academic adviser and her pioneering work in the field of women composers, "but she is also the person we turn to, to share our personal successes and seek advice regarding personal frustrations." Pickett joined the faculty in 1981.

A.E. Lange Award for Distinguished Science Teaching


Douglas Juers, associate professor of physics and Garrett Fellow

In nominating Juers, a recent student wrote, "Since the beginning of spring 2006, I have been very fortunate to study and work under the guidance of Professor Juers. He is the best professor and mentor I have ever had. Teaching biophysics, he was extremely patient, devoted and knowledgeable. He demanded a lot from us and worked extremely hard to help us meet his expectations. He was always in his office — from early in the morning to late at night, every day of the week, including weekends — more than eager to help us work through difficult homework problems and concepts. I fell in love with biophysics from taking his amazing class, and I am getting into wonderful graduate biophysics programs thanks to the experience I gained from working in his lab. He has made the biggest impact on my scientific career." Juers joined the faculty in 2003.

Thomas D. Howells Award for Distinguished Teaching in Humanities and Arts


Sharon Alker, associate professor of English and general studies

In nominating Alker, a student wrote that her "love for her work is apparent not only in her enthusiastic teaching style but also in the extensive and helpful preparation she puts into daily handouts detailing the historical context of the author, era and specific work(s) being discussed. Her enthusiasm for teaching also extends beyond the traditional classroom. When I didn't have enough credits to officially register for an independent study course last semester, she generously offered to meet with me weekly anyway and insisted on reading along as I worked through my proposed syllabus. In short, Sharon is a phenomenally invested, inspiring teacher, one who obviously cares for her material and for her students, too. I am constantly grateful for the opportunity to learn from her." Alker joined the faculty in 2004.

Robert Y. Fluno Award for Distinguished Teaching in Social Sciences


Kristy King, visiting assistant professor of politics

This year the Committee of Division Chairs elected to celebrate and honor the work of a visiting faculty member. Provost and Dean of the Faculty Tim Kaufman-Osborn said, "The academic program at Whitman College could not function without the dedication and talent of a host of visiting faculty members who are not eligible for many of the benefits that accompany tenure-track positions." In nominating King, one of her modern European political theory students wrote, "Professor King lectures like no one else, and I come out of class intellectually tired but happy. I could listen to her talk forever. This class was a life-changing experience, and one I was incredibly lucky to have." King has been teaching at Whitman since 2006.

G. Thomas Edwards Award for Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship


Robert Scott Elliott, associate professor of English

"Elliott is an accomplished and award-winning author of a considerable body of work in fiction as well as nonfiction," said Kaufman-Osborn. In nominating Elliott, a student lauded him for shaping and guiding Whitman's award-winning literary publication blue moon, and for instilling in the staff "a strong sense of pride in producing a successful publication." Another student wrote, "The classes I have taken and the work I have done with Professor Elliott have been the most influential moments in my time here at Whitman. Because I was able to work one-on-one with a published author, I now have a better understanding of the writing process on a professional level in the world outside an academic classroom." Elliott joined the faculty in 2004.