Donna Dahlke DavisPaul and Donna Dahlke Davis ’60

Donna Dahlke Davis ’60 earned this year’s place of honor on the Office of Annual Giving’s plaque saluting volunteers for outstanding achievement. Serving as a class representative since 2006, Davis worked with members of the Reunion Fund Committee this year to achieve an almost 25 percent increase in class participation. The Class of 1960’s final tally was 74 percent participation with gifts totaling $107,114.

While at Whitman, Davis majored in mathematics and went on to earn a law degree at Willamette University after first taking a year off for personal development (or "vacation" as she later described her time in Europe).

Her volunteer work has included roles with the Bend School Board, two terms each on a state board to help municipalities raise funds and on a commission to help school districts maintain only qualified, capable teachers.

In their retirement, she and her husband, Paul, enjoy time at their home in the South Puget Sound. The couple enjoys boating in the Sound, and the San Juan and Gulf islands, and they won first place in this summer’s Passport to Puget Sound competition hosted by Puget Sound area marinas.

The Office of Annual Giving also recognizes Mary Belle Preston Wells ’41 for her class’s 100 percent participation — each of her 19 classmates made gifts this past year. Herb Ladley ’40 and Penny Penrose Bignold ’56 also achieved significant participation rates of 95 and 93 percent, respectively, for the classes they represent. Robert Street ’07 and Ladley made notable improvements in class participation, and Rowland Thompson ’77 and Jim McCarthy ’63 are recognized for the generosity of their classmates.