Glover-Allston Center Make yourself at home

“I saw the house many times during its construction, but I did not expect the finished product to look so homey.”

Chihuly Chihuly art on campus

The arts, natural beauty and science are recurring themes in the variety of gifts to Whitman by philanthropists Stuart and Joyce Cooper Johnston, members of the Class of 1960. Their most recent gift embodies perhaps the best of all three.

Professor studies cinema in Hong Kong Professor studies cinema in Hong Kong

Robert Sickels, associate professor of rhetoric and film studies, has a temporary change of quarters until May 2010. Since January, he has been living and breathing the world of Hong Kong cinema at one of Asia’s largest film studies programs, as a Fulbright Scholar.

Microscopic Microscope magnifies opportunities for scientists

Whitman faculty in the geology, biology and anthropology departments acquired the new scanning electron microscope through a $408,000 National Science Foundation grant.

Alum helps Hati Campus, Alumni moved to action by Haiti's plight

Within days of the Jan. 12, 2010, magnitude 7.0 earthquake that devastated Haiti, members of the Whitman community – students, faculty and staff – mobilized to raise funds for the relief effort. 

Roof Garden Up on the roof

“How many schools would let you rip up the lawn to plant asparagus, or grow lettuce on top of the science building?” – Nat Clarke ’11

What's in your backpack? What's in your backpack?

In a random – and highly unscientific – survey of Whitman students, we found that “essential” covers a lot of ground when it comes to backpack contents.

Scoreboard Whitman Scoreboard

Athletics results this winter and spring.

Summer Dance Lab Summer Dance Lab celebrates 40 years

John Passafiume remembers Summer Dance Lab founder Charles Bennett as many things: pioneer, artist, visionary, but most of all, mentor. 

Symphony Orchestra Director Symphony Orchestra director takes a bow

Ed Dixon, associate professor of music and director of the Whitman College Symphony Orchestra, has decided that this will be his last semester teaching at Whitman. “While I still have time and have the opportunities, I want to dig into the cello and see what I still have left.”