Nicholas Wood ’11 works in the kitchen of his off-campus house with swim teammates Ali Schlueter ’11, left, and Lauren Flynn ’11.

Nicholas Wood ’11
Hometown: Moraga, California
Major: environmental humanities and rhetoric and film studies

Coming to Whitman, I was prepared to learn in the classroom. And the college didn’t let me down: I learned about medieval England on the top floor of Maxey Hall, Northwest rock formations in a Hall of Science lab and film production in the basement of Hunter Conservatory.

What I hadn’t expected was all the learning that wouldn’t be reflected in my academic record. As a senior living off campus, the kitchen is my classroom, and the culinary arts are my most recent field of study.

I’m becoming educated on how to properly fuel my body for competition — as a student in the classroom, as a member of Whitman’s varsity swimming program and as a potential employee in the looming work world. With the help of housemates-turned-culinary-mentors and some greens from the Organic Garden, I’m learning with each assignment. Never has homework been so delicious.