For Lily Idle ’13, a downtown coffee shop offers her a scholarly sanctuary and community camaraderie.

Lily Idle ’13
Hometown: Los Angeles
Major: art

My favorite place to study is the coffee shop in downtown Walla Walla called Coffee Perk. I absolutely love the atmosphere. There are two wonderfully comfortable leather couches next to a fireplace, and that’s always where I sit. I do all my reading there with a pen in one hand and a caramel latte in the other. I study in the library sometimes, but I love the background noise that the coffee shop provides. The sound of the espresso maker and the murmur of whispered conversations make concentration much easier for me. If a room is too quiet, I just cannot get work done. I also love the variety of people that spend time in the coffee shop. I’ve had a couple of conversations (all written down on paper) with a hearing-impaired man named Andre, who is always in Coffee Perk and is always so friendly.