Marianne Mercer Heimes ’54 writes, “Our Savannah Tree Foundation invited Kathleen Lubbesmeyer Wolf ’79, research social scientist, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, to come to Savannah for a lecture and workshop. I attended the workshop, and knowing she was from UW, I went up afterward and told her I was a Whitman graduate. In the course of the conversation I discovered both she and her husband, Clancy Wolf ’77, were Whitman graduates, and we had a nice visit. I love my ‘steel magnolia’ friends here in the South but there’s no way we can discuss Lakum Duckum or Tommy Howells, so my visit with Kathy was special for me.”

Kate Wilson, Ryan Crocker Kate Wilson ’05 and Abassador Ryan Crocker ’71 in Iraq

Kate Wilson ’05 traveled to Iraq for Vice President Dick Cheney and had the chance to chat with Ambassador Ryan Crocker ’71.

“He was really nice and excited to meet a fellow alumnus in country. I think the ‘Beer Mile’ might have even made it into our conversation. Whitman really is a wonderful place and connects people, even when they attended 30 years apart, and meet in Baghdad, for that matter.”

Margo Lentz, Linda Howard-Hawkins Margo Lentz ’10 and Linda Howard-Hawkins ’77

Linda Howard-Hawkins ’77 writes, “I was on the varsity tennis team in my freshman and sophomore years. I enjoyed the fun times playing on that team with my partner Ramona Ralston ’77. We did quite well. Now I live in Missoula, Mont., and have been playing USTA Adult League Team tennis for 11 years. In 1999 my team actually won first place in the National Tournament in Tucson, Ariz. One of my dearest friends and teammate on the national championship team, Sally Lentz, is the mother of one of your current varsity tennis team players, Margo Lentz ’10. When Margo made the decision to attend Whitman I was thrilled and gave her my old Whitman varsity tennis jacket.

The story didn’t end there. Last summer, Margo joined our 4.0 women’s tennis team to play USTA Adult League in Missoula. I am pictured with Margo at the tournament in August 2007. Margo did a fantastic job for us — winning all of her matches. She is a terrific sport and altogether wonderful young woman!”