How do Whitman alumni make a difference in the world?

Ask any faculty or staff member, student, parent or alumnus that question, and they will share an awe-inspiring or heart-rending story.

Or two.

Or ten.

Don’t ask unless you have a lot of time.

They might tell you about Paula Congleton-Goldenburg ’79, who went back to medical school at age 38 to research an abnormality on the 22nd chromosome that affects one out of every 4,000 children born, including her youngest son. Or you might hear about Megan Salzman Medica ’81, whose habit of feeding stray cats “quite accidentally” led to a life devoted to the rescue and rehabilitation of felines and other animals. A professor may tell you about Ashifi Gogo ’05, whose research and personal efforts will likely secure the pharmaceutical supply chain in West Africa while he’s still in graduate school. And a staff member may relay the story of Paul Pugh ’51, who for more than five decades has operated a youth circus and brought joy to Northwest audiences as “Guppo” the clown. These alumni stories, and many more, are featured in this issue.

As a devoted Whitman Magazine reader, you have seen many other stories about accomplished and generous alumni. Those stories and the ones in this issue are but an infinitesimal sample of alumni who devote their energy, enthusiasm, talent and tender-loving care to making the world a better place in myriad ways.

Allow yourself time to read about these inspirational Whitties. And whether you are a student or alumnus, a faculty or staff member, a parent, grandparent or friend of the college, add yourself to the list. Chances are you, too, make a difference to Whitman and to the global community.