In 1986, Gordon Riess ’49 and his wife, Priscilla, were in the scenic Chinese river city of Guilin. “It was a warm day, and I was wearing my Whitman T-shirt. A young man, obviously American, came running up to us. ‘Are you from Whitman?’ he asked. I replied, ‘You aren’t likely to encounter someone wearing a Whitman T-shirt in Guilin who isn’t a Whitman alumnus!’ It turned out that he was one of a pair of students teaching English in China as part of the Whitman in China program. It was fascinating to meet a fellow Whittie in that remote place.”

In June Marianna Symeonides ’08 and Kate Bracher, professor of astronomy, emerita, met on the Iklaina Archaeological Project in Pylos, Greece. “Marianna was a student in this three-week summer field school, and I was lab supervisor for the museum work. She has family in Greece and has been there many times, and I have been coming to this project every year since 2000. My first trip to Greece was in 1983 with a Whitman tour.”