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"Map of My History" Courtesy of Maddy Mellema

Maddy Mellema ’21
Alamo, California

What do you do for fun?
I love to create things, so that includes drawing, painting or doing crafts. I also like hanging out with friends, and occasionally playing volleyball or soccer.

What is the best class you've taken so far?
The best class has either been Intro to Psychology with Tom Armstrong or Intro to Gender Studies.

What do you want to do after Whitman?
After Whitman I hope to take a month or two to visit Taiwan; I was adopted from there so I think it would be nice to see where I came from. Then, head off to grad school and start a business with my friend.

How do you connect to the Walla Walla community?
I volunteer with Friends of Walla Walla, which helps at-risk children in local elementary schools. The volunteer picks a day of the week that they can go to the school and hang out with an assigned buddy and that person then visits weekly for about 30 mins.

What is your favorite thing about being a student at Whitman?
I enjoy the class sizes, so I can engage with the professor more easily and get to know more people.

What's the best thing about studying art here?
I would say I love the freedom of the art major. You get to create your own work and don't have to be bogged down by guidelines. Every choice is your decision and I enjoy that power, especially in art.

Is there anything else you want to add about Whitman?
Whitman is a good place for those seeking a rigorous education with small classes.