Photography by Matt Banderas ’04

Back to school! Whittie students took notes, asked questions, completed assignments and did homework across the disciplines today to mark the first day of the fall semester. Befitting the rigorous liberal arts education that the college provides, professors and students alike hit the ground running, as this photo gallery attests.

—Staff report

Assistant Professor of Biology Arielle Cooley works with a group of students on protein structure in her Genetics class in the Hall of Science.

Senior Adjunct Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages & Literatures (German) Susan Babilon sings the alphabet in German with her Elementary German students.

Marc Goff ’20 finds a quiet space to study on the Reid Campus Center patio.

Geology major Teddy Larkin ’19 and economics major Lyndsey Smith ’19 catch up on a bench near the "Topophilia Gates" along College Creek.

Professor of Physics Frederick Moore discusses opening concepts in his course Electricity and Magnetism.