Whitman College has fared exceptionally well in this year rankings. Washington Monthly’s College Guide ranked Whitman No. 19 among liberal arts colleges; last year, Whitman was ranked No. 30 on this list. The college also made great strides in The Princeton Review, especially in categories that highlight Whitman’s hallmark liberal arts experience.  


Business Insider’s Best College Campuses list

The magazine Business Insider ranked Whitman No. 3 in Best College Campuses. Business Insider used rankings from The Princeton Review’s “The Best 378 Colleges: 2014 Edition” regarding architecture, services and facilities to form its Best College Campuses list.


The Princeton Review's Best 378 Colleges: 2014 Edition

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Whitman College made significant leaps in The Princeton Review’s rankings this year.  Whitman is ranked in the top 20 in 10 categories – making Whitman one of the most frequently cited institutions in the Princeton Review.  In the “Their Students Love These Colleges” category, Whitman is ranked No. 4, up from No. 12. In “Best Health Services,” the college moved into the No. 5 position from No. 11 last year. In the “Best Quality of Life” category, Whitman broke into the top 10, moving from No. 15 to No. 10. The College is back on the “Happiest Students” list this year at No. 13.

Only top-20 rankings are released by The Princeton Review. Whitman College’s other 2014 top-20 rankings, along with the college’s 2013 top-20 rankings, are as follows:

  • Best Classroom Experience – No. 7
  • Happiest Students – No. 13
  • Everybody Plays Intramural Sports - No. 5. 
    2013 ranking - No. 15.
  • Their Students Love These Colleges - No. 4
    2013 ranking - No. 12.
  • Best Health Services - No. 5
    2013 ranking - No. 11.
  • Easiest Campus To Get Around - No. 6
    2013 ranking - Below top 20
  • Best Quality Of Life - No. 10
    2013 ranking - No. 15.
  • Professors Get High Marks - No. 16
    2013 ranking - No. 18.
  • Most Accessible Professors - No. 17
    2013 ranking - No. 20.
  • Best College Library - No. 9
    2013 ranking - Below top 20


Washington Monthly College Guide

Whitman College rises 11 spots in Washington Monthly College Guide’s rankings. Washington Monthly ranks colleges and universities according to how much they benefit the country. They are judged on how well they perform as engines of social mobility, how well they foster scientific and humanistic research, and how well they promotes an ethic of service to country. Whitman was ranked 19th among all liberal arts colleges; the college was No. 30 last year.

  • In the category that ranks schools according to how well they foster scientific and humanistic research, Whitman is ranked No. 21; that’s up from No. 28 in 2012.
  • For service to community, Whitman is ranked No. 18; that’s up from No. 26 in 2012.


Forbes America’s Top Colleges

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Among liberal arts colleges in the West, Whitman rose from No. 4 to No. 3 in the annual Forbes America’s Top Colleges list, behind only Pomona and Harvey Mudd.

Other highlights:

  • Whitman was ranked No. 27 among all liberal arts colleges in the nation, up from No. 29 in 2012.
  • Among the 650 schools in the list, Whitman ranked No. 36 in terms of the number of students who go on to receive Ph.Ds.


Forbes College Financial Grades

In the Aug. 13, 2013, issue of Forbes, Whitman was ranked No. 51 among 925 private, nonprofit colleges and universities graded on financial stability. The college received a GPA of 4.341; the maximum GPA was 4.5. The schools were graded based on nine variables to determine financial strength and operational soundness.