Blair FrankBlair Frank

Macworld is regarded as the most widely circulated print publication and the most-often viewed Web site focused exclusively on Apple Macintosh products.

That’s good news for Macworld, but even better news – and exposure – for Whitman English major Blair Frank ’13. He has been a summer intern at Macworld since 2007 and now writes for the magazine as a free-lancer.  The magazine has an audience of more than one million readers per issue, and its Web site,, attracts more than three million readers per month.

The January issue features Frank’s review of the MacBook, titled “MacBook: The great compromise.” He likens expensive computers to sports cars, and writes “The MacBook is the four-door sedan to the MacBook Pro’s sports car.”

Frank first began his internship as a sophomore in high-school, the majority of his work being done in the Macworld labs, testing computers and reviewing products.  He has also reported on starting out in college, iPhone launches and mice, to name just a few. 

When reflecting on the influence his Whitman experience has had on his writing career, Frank said, “I started working at Macworld when I was convinced that science was really the way I was headed in life.  While I'm still interested in science, I certainly don't see myself as a science major, and that's due in part to the positive experiences I've gained at Macworld, but I've also been doing a lot more writing work because of how I feel about my major.”

Frank, a native of Walnut Creek, Calif., also writes for the Whitman Pioneer, sings in Chorale, fences and enjoys watching the ducks outside of his room in North Hall.