Karl Storchmann, associate professor of economics and editor of “The Journal of Wine Economics,” and Pete Parcells, associate professor of economics, will attend the third annual conference of the American Association of Wine Economists June 18-21 in Reims, Champagne, France.

They will be joined by four recent Whitman graduates who have written or co-written papers that were accepted and will be presented at the conference, said Storchmann.

  • Alex Robinson ’09, of Seattle, who graduated May 24 with degree in economics-mathematics with honors, magna cum laude, will present “Exchange Rate Pass-Through to U.S. Import Prices. Evidence from the Wine Market.”
  • Peter Griffin ’09 of Cupertino, California, graduated May 24 with a degree in economics with honors, cum laude. He will present “Assessing the Value of Geographic Reputation for Sparkling Wines.”
  • Aaron Lee ’09, of Seattle, graduated with a degree in economics May 24; and Alex Mitterling ’09, of Seattle, graduated May 24 with a degree in economics cum laude. They will present “Signaling Wine Quality with Price. An Analysis of Wine Regions in the U.S.” with Storchmann.

In addition, Storchmann will present “Food Tournaments: NYC 2006-2008,” with colleagues Olivier Gergaud, University of Reims, and Vincenzo Verardi, University of Brussels; and “How can we identify counterfeit wines in auctions?” with Orley Ashenfelter, Princeton University.

With the support of Whitman College, Storchmann created the Journal of Wine Economics in 2006 and formed the American Association of Wine Economists as a companion organization. The journal, which has received rave reviews from wine, food and business writers around the world, features the research of noted international scholars with specialties in the area of the economics of wine. For more information go to www.wine-economics.org.


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