Semester in the West, its students, professor and course objectives are featured in the Jan. 7 issue of the Hi-Desert Star, published in Yucca Valley, Calif. 

The article focuses on a series of presentations given to the group by members of the Alliance for Responsible Energy (AREP) while the class was camped in Pipes Canyon, Mojave Desert. Professor Phil Brick invited Jim Harvey, one of AREP’s founders, and asked him to talk to the 21 students in Semester in the West about the flip side of large solar and wind-energy projects -- the effect on surrounding communities.

According to the article, Harvey described the students as “knowledgeable, intensely interested and ‘just brilliant.’” “They grilled me,” he is quoted as saying with a smile. “I mean, they hammered me.”

The students "were used to thinking of solar as an unmitigated good," said Brick, "so I think Jim's presentation was quite an epiphany for a lot of students." The complete article is online here.

You can hear students' campus presentation of their epiphanies and listen to their podcasts, at