You’ll probably never meet the pint-sized girl in the black bowler and long-to-ankles dark skirt and violet blouse who stands on a Peruvian vista in front of gray monolithic and ancient man-made structures.

But you’ll probably never forget her.

Her powerful image, captured in the lens of a Whitman College student’s camera, reminds viewers of the powerful experiences Whitman students take in as participants in the College’s study abroad program.

As do the other images – from about 30 different countries – that also were winners in this year’s image contest, which is sponsored by the Study Abroad Office for students who studied abroad in the past year.

A dozen photos – out of the 250 entries – received either first, second, third or honorable mention in one of three categories – people and culture; landscapes; and Whitties abroad.

The Whitties abroad category shows the students in action overseas experiencing such things as the culture, the academic learning, the making of international friendships and cultivation of cross-cultural understanding, said Laura Cummings, senior assistant for Whitman’s Study Abroad program.

Whitman College encourages qualified students to study abroad either in a foreign country or on an affiliated domestic program in the United States during their college careers. Whitman, which partners with various study abroad organizations, offers 39 affiliated programs in countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and Oceania.

There reportedly were “many spectacular shots,” so selection was difficult for the three contest judges – Tom Callister, associate dean of faculty and professor of education; Chris Bishop, manager of publication design; and Victoria Lidzbarski, assistant director of admissions.

Prizes were college bookstore gift certificates. The winners were:

People and Culture

  • Gabriella Brandt – 1st Place
  • Trygve Madsen - 2nd Place
  • Tyler Calkin - 3rd Place
  • Kathryn DeVleming - Honorable Mention

Whitties Abroad

  • Sasha Gross - 1st Place
  • Rosa Brey - 2nd Place
  • Anastassia Kolosova - 3rd Place
  • Sarah Nostdal - Honorable Mention


  • Sophia Sady - 1st Place
  • Rebecca MacFife - 2nd Place
  • Jocelyn Richard - 3rd Place
  • Chase Cooper - Honorable Mention