A collection of reports, case studies and stories written by some of the many people and organizations working to address India’s clean water crisis has been compiled by the members of Whitman Direct Action (WDA) and is now available on the Web. 

"The Water Book," said WDA member John Loranger, is the most tangible result of the group’s latest effort, the Sadhana Clean Water Project. 

For the last year, WDA’s team has been working on this multi-faceted approach to helping solve India’s water crisis. The Safe and Sustainable Water Conference, held March 19 at the Nehru Science Center in Mumbai, marked the culmination of the year’s work. The conference brought together members of India’s non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and others dedicated to solving the socio-political and technological aspects of water scarcity in India. 

“The greatest goal and the most rewarding achievement of the book have been to provide both a forum for NGOs to share their experiences and, we hope, serve as a catalyst for conversation and collaboration” said Tim Shadix, WDA member.           

The WDA is a non-profit, student-run and open-source organization from Whitman that is dedicated to helping marginalized people by promoting economically and environmentally sustainable community development. 


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