The Company KangThe Company Kang

Three Whitman 2008 graduates are putting Whitman on the map — or at least in the spotlight. Keith Cushner, Brian Abelson and Matt Aliabadi are “The Company Kang,” which has been selected as one of the top 15 college bands in the nation, and will perform Saturday (Aug. 9) at the New American Music Union Festival in Pittsburgh with the likes of Bob Dylan, The Roots and Black Keys.

The festival website bids readers to “Meet the future of electro-pop, whose infectious and shameless mix of synthesizers, electronic drums and nervy vocals are sure to tease your ears.”

Event poster

The Company Kang’s Web site describes the group’s history, beginning in 2001 as Manifest Pestilence with members Cushner and Aliabadi in a high school punk band; moving on to a short life as “Burger Kang” consisting of Cushner and Abelson at Whitman College in 2006 and morphing into the current The Company Kang with all three current members in 2007.

“If anybody reading this has ever been to Walla Walla, Washington,” they state on their Web site, “you know that it’s not the sort of town one expects to give birth to an electro-pop band... Yet this is where the band hails from.”

Selections from Kang’s as-yet-unreleased album can be accessed on the group’s Web site.

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