Twenty-one teams of Whitman faculty and students will pursue a wide range of projects this summer as recipients of Perry Summer Research Grants.

This year’s projects run the gamut from a study of the effects of training on the cognitive abilities of healthy older people to an examination of intermarriages between Asian Americans and American Jews.

The Perry awards were established to honor Louis B. Perry, Whitman’s eighth president (1959-1967) and an emeritus member of the Board of Overseers. The awards provide the means for Whitman professors to employ students (typically those entering their junior or senior year) to collaborate on professional scholarship that often leads to a book, a published paper or creative work.

This summer’s Perry winners and projects are:

  • Associate Professor of History Julie Charlip with Jaspreet Gill ’11 and Bryce McKay ’09
    “Bearing Arms Without an Army: Domestic Security Forces in Costa Rica”
  • Associate Professor of Psychology Melissa Clearfield and Edward F. Arnold Visiting Professor of Psychology Emily Bushnell with Katie Baxter ’09 and Jordan Fitzgerald ’09
    “The Impact of Learning to Walk on Carrying Objects”
  • Associate Professor of Philosophy Patrick Frierson with Keefe Piper ’09
    “What is the Human Being?”
  • Associate Professor of Biology Kendra Golden with Kellie Wutzke ’09
    “The Efficacy of Bacteriophage in the Treatment of Escherichia coli Infection
    in Manduca sexta (Tobacco Hornworm) Larvae”
  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry Marion Götz with William Boal ’10
    “Design and Synthesis of Allyl Sulfones as Therapeutic Agents for Parasitic
    Infections — a Potential Treatment for Chagas Disease and Sleeping Sickness”
  • Professor of Physics Kurt Hoffman with Henok Alazar ’09
    “The Effects of Drying Agents on the Optical Properties of Sol-Gel glasses”
  • Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French) Sarah Hurlburt with Katie Higgins ’10
    “Pépé le Moko and Its 1938 American Remake, ‘Algiers’”
  • Associate Professor of Biology Delbert Hutchison with Michael Hague ’09
    “Nested Clade Analysis”
  • Assistant Professor of Biology Kate Jackson with William Kunkel ’09, Kevin Moore ’09 and Katherine Moyer ’09
    “Snakes of West and Central Africa”
  • Assistant Professor of Sociology Helen Kim with Shayna Tivona ’09
    “Intermarriages between Asian Americans and American Jews — The Significance
    of Race and Ethnicity in the Private Sphere”
  • Assistant Professor of Biology Leena Knight with Samuel Moulton ’09
    “Diet and Mental Fitness: Modulating Brain Activity Using Gut Hormones”
  • Assistant Professor of Biology Thomas Knight with Etasha Bhatt ’09
    “Control of Orienting Head movements in the Mouse: Projections From the Motor
    Cortex to Brainstem Neck Premotor Regions”
  • Catharine Gould Chism Chair of Music Susan Pickett with Michele Aichele ’09
    “First Edition of Marion Bauer’s Prelude and Fugue for Flute and Piano”
  • Associate Professor of Psychology Matthew Prull with Jennifer Doane ’09
    “Can Cognitive Abilities in Healthy Older People Be Enhanced Through
  • Associate Professor of Anthropology Gary Rollefson with Kerry Pine ’09
    “Archaeological Research: Amman, Jordan”
  • Robert Allen Skotheim Chair of History David Schmitz with Destiny Cowdin-Lynch ’10
    “Biography of Brent Scowcroft”
  • Assistant Professor of Physics Dayle Smith with Heather O’Moore ’10 and Calvin Davis ’09
    “Electron Transfer Properties of Metallized DNA”
  • Professor of Astronomy U.J. Sofia with Victor Ruelas ’09
    “Measuring the Abundance and Phase of Carbon in the Interstellar Medium”
  • Dr. Robert F. Welty Associate Professor of Biology Christopher Wallace and Dr. Robert F. Welty Associate Professor of Biology Ginger Withers with Anna Daron Bacheller ’09 and Josiah Hanson ’09
    “Analysis of the Effects of Glial Cell on the Development of Cultured Hippocampal Neurons”
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology Deborah Wiese with Neda Ansaari ’10
    “International Relocation and Cultural Competence”
  • Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages and Literatures (French) Zahi Zalloua with Jasper Lipton ’10
    “Charles Baudelaire and the Translation of Modernity”