WALLA WALLA, Wash.— Two more Whitman College graduates have received prestigious Fulbright fellowships that will take them around the world to teach and study, bringing Whitman’s total Fulbrights in 2007 to a record-breaking 10.

Eric Cates ’07, a Spanish major from Cashmere, Wash., will teach English as a foreign language in Spain; and Megan McConville ’07, a chemistry-environmental studies major from Denver, Colorado, will be affiliated with Delft University, the Netherlands, as she investigates concentrations of pollutants in the Rhine River.

These two recent Fulbright winners join eight previously announced winners: Daniel Beekman ’07; Ezra Fox ’07; Tanya Henderson ’05; Emily Marr ’04; Kyle Martz ’07; Katherine Pease ’07; Ari van Schilfgaarde ’07; and Veronica Willeto ’07. For details about their Fulbrights see Whitman students and alumni receive record number of Fulbrights.

Cates will use his time teaching in Spain to “gain cultural and linguistic knowledge that I can share with U.S. students, as well as share my knowledge of U.S. and Mexican culture with Spanish students.” When he returns to the United States, he plans to enter the Master’s in Teaching program at the University of Washington. “After acquiring certificates to teach Spanish and English as a second language, I want to teach full-time at middle schools and high schools in the United States.” As a teacher, he said, he plans to continue to visit and serve in Spanish-speaking countries during summer months, sometimes taking his students with him on educational field trips.

During McConville’s time in the Netherlands she will study the Rhine River in search of “potential contamination sources that, if inundated, would be transferred to the sea. I hope to develop an understandingof various pollutants and their site-specific release rates that lead to our understanding of bio-exposure and potential bio-amplification.” McConville’s plans upon returning to the United States includeusing her experience at Delft University as a foundation to pursue a master’s degree in water management. Her career plans center around pursuing a career investigating water treatment, distribution and availability in the United States and overseas. “Water availability across all continents is the next big crisis we will face as a planet,” she said.


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