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Whitman Undergraduate Conference Tentative Schedule

Tuesday April 4, 2006


Session I 9:00-10:15 a.m.

Art and Space • Reid Center G02 • Moderator: To be announced,

Patrick Leonard. Stepping Over Borders: Artists’ Walks across Postmodern Geography

Amy Sharp. Marcel Duchamp and the 4th Dimension

Erik Andersen. Wagner and Schopenhauer: Aesthetics, Ethics, and Opera

Emma Wood. Artist and Workspace — A Portrait of Walla Walla Artisans

Kyle Bain. Surreal Portraiture: The visual languages of LaChappele, Avedon, and more


Coming of Age • Maxey 142 • Moderator: Katie Innes

Emily Marshall. Raising the Guatemalan’s Standard of Living through Education

Carlene Deits. Children’s Perception of Social Class

Erin Hall. Coming of Age in Delinquency: The Social Constructions of Youth and the Politics of Risk

Amy Farris. Cultural Begging: The Koranic Schools of Senegal

Rosalinda Mendoza. Analysis of the Social Capital Stock of Young Latinas/os and Gang Membership in Washington State


Dirt and Dust • Science 151 • Moderator: Kathleen Compton

Robert Olsen. A Simple Sand Column Laboratory Exercise to Illustrate Pollutant Hydrology in Groundwater Systems

Graham Stansbery. Dirt and Deer: Eastern Washington’s Selenium Deficiency

Michael Kirk. Cosmic Sunglasses: Interstellar Grains and Their Effect on Astronomical Observations

Rebecca Burand. Sedimentological Analysis of Stratified Sediments in Grand Coulee, Washington

Devon Mundal. Analysis of Selenium in Mule Deer Blood by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry


Interpretations in Core • Olin 130 • Moderator: Alex Pogue 

Sarah Hatheway. Divinity, or the Problem of Human Comprehension

Alex Masarie. A Tale of Human Donkeys: Divinity in Antiquity

Henry Kpaka. Greek and Hebrew Concept of Human Divinity

Nicole Beier. Are You There God? It’s Me, Antigone: Differences in Divine Clarity

Alexander Henke. A Secular Reader Finds Meaning in the Tanakh

Etasha Bhatt. Job and Odysseus: Finding Meaning Behind Suffering

Elizabeth Kerley. The Mystery of Monotheism: Departures from Homer’s Greece and
the Evolution of Absolute Morality in the Hebrew Tanakh


Popular Cultures on the Fringe • Kimball Theater Moderator: Roman Goerss

Eric Lovelin. Musical Preference and Culture Consumption in the College Subculture

Julia Swan. Hippies in the Northwest: The 1960s Counterculture Movement in Seattle, Washington

Danielle Shea. Are All Men Really Tyler Durden? Pop Culture’s Role in Defining and Promoting Masculinity

Christina Winings. Broncs, Boots, and Booze: A Sociological Study of American Rodeo Culture


Stewards of the Land • Brattain Auditorium • Moderator: Claudia Galeas

Zachary Steel. Birds in Paradise: Road Disruption of Populations in a Tropical Rainforest

Ashley Apel. Saving Nemo: Community Involvement in the Development of Marine Protected Areas

Sara Lozito. Caught in the Crossfire: Conservation of the Indian Bengal Tiger; a Case Study of Sariska and Bandhavgarh National Parks

Molly Smith.  Wilderness or wilderness? Examining Aldo Leopold and the Wilderness Act

Julian Trowbridge. Patterns of Juvenile Coral Distribution in an Age of Reef Decline


Temples and Gardens • Olin 157 • Moderator: Johnny Hu

Kavita Kode.  Ayodhya: Mobilizing Violence by Defining Space and Communal Identity

Aaron Bell. Renewal

Kelli Kraft. Choeung Ek and the Atermath of the Cambodian Genocide

Patricia Hayward. Planting Integrity in the Canglang Ting Garden

Kelsey Ochs. Nek Chand Saini’s Secret Garden: A Modern Indian Art Environment


Session II 10:45-12:00 p.m.


Imaging Selves, Others, and Worlds Differently • Kimball Theater

   Moderator: Sarah DeVries

Adam Sachs. Aldous Huxley and Visionary Experience

Martha Hansen. Eating the Other: A Look at Ethnic Restaurants as Mediums of Cultural Exchange

Daniel Shaw.  Possible Worlds and Their Implications for Probability

Katrina Beloof. A Funny Approach to Politics: Kynical Media in America

Meagan Reed. “Who Deserves to Die? An Exploration of the Evolution of Capital Punishment and Individual Agency in Liberal Political Theory”


Perspectives on Modern Germany: Violence, Sex, and Gender • Olin 157

   Moderator: Suzanne Zitzer

Lea Simek. Psychoanalysis and Pedagogy

Mark Prentice. Sex in the Third Reich: The Sexual Politics of the Nazi Regime, 1933-1945

Kathryn Heard. After the Wall: Post-Nationalism and Right Radicalism in Eastern Germany

Eric Lindsay. Prisons in East Germany post Reunification

Lindsay Satterlund. The Turkish-German Woman in Contemporary Germany: Multiculturalism and Gender in Film and Literature


Reading and Representation • Reid Center GO2 • Moderator: Stephen Parkin 

Hugo Vargas. The Eye of Satan in the Nightly Sky -— Study of the Evolution of The Moon as a Symbol in the Poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca

Amy Hogg. The Problematics of Language as a Means of Establishing Identity: Césaire’s Return to the Voiceless Native Land

Alina Shabashevich.  Speaking Survival: Primo Levi and the Use of Language

Olivia Nilsson. Divinity and Dichotomy in Euripides and Racine

Benjamin Meiches. What Is Reading?: Foucault, Limits, and Criticism


Resources, Communities, and Development • Brattain Auditorium

   Moderator: Ruth Wherland

Rebecca Hartwell. Ecotourism in Sikkim, India

Robin DeCook. Reaping the Harvest: Farmers, Fair Trade and Community Empowerment

Nani Gilkerson. Division and Displacement: International Oil Investment and Development in the Republic of Sudan

Lydia Eberly.  Where the aid went: Reconstructing Sri Lanka after the Tsunami


Surface Living • Science 151 • Moderator: Dawn Holmes

Tyler Phillips. Characterization of the Hydrophobic Region of Micelles Via Xe-129 NMR Spectroscopy

Anthony St. John. And You Thought Kilns Were Only For Pottery

Elizabeth Dannen. A Major Rip-off: Metal Pollutant Release from Lake Sediments

Kelly Peach. Characterizing A Love-Hate Relationship: Aggregation of Tetrablock Copolymers


There’s a Method to our Theory • Gaiser Auditorium • Moderator: Greatjoy Ndlovu

Sarah Geiss Trusz. Different Methods = Different Truths: Understanding the Paradigm Drive in Memory Research

Sara Wattenbarger. Critical Incident Stress Management and Emergency Medical Service Workers: An Exploration of Efficacy

Kaitlin Coleman. An Economic and Social Analysis of the State of Oregon and Its Role in the Global Economy

Garrett Chan. Origins of Cognitive & Experimental Economics

Kaylin Greene. Recollection and Familiarity for Words and Pictures: What’s Age Got to Do with It?


Working Culture • Olin 130 • Moderator: Seren Pendleton-Knoll

Caitlin Smith. Psychological Well-Being in Immigrants: An Often Overlooked Phenomenon

Ariel Kitch. Sister, Why Are You Still Tolerating This?: Working Culture and Collective Organization at Katunayake Free Trade Zone

Harmony Paulsen. Jena Griswold Perceptions and Experiences of Working Class Students at Whitman College

Paulina Oceguera. Washington Apple Farm Workers: Work, Family, and Politics

Kevin McNellis. Prestige and Privilege: Examining Socioeconomic Diversity (or lack thereof) at Whitman


Posters 1:00-2:00 p.m. Cordiner Hall Foyer


Zosha Huemmer. Parental Participation in Preschool Classrooms: Why Aren’t More Parents Involved?

Matthew Olmstead, Alex Carlson. Quantum Mysteries Tested: An Experiment Implementing Hardy’s Test of Local Realism

Jennifer Toy, Rebecca Nebel. Can Bumble Bees Discriminate Between Roses With Different Levels of Pollen?

Jennifer Tennent. Seeing like a Mollusk

Tamsyn Phillips. Ethnic Identity and Relationship Satisfaction in Interracial Dating Relationships

Donnel Malkemus. Radiocarbon Dating of Buried Charcoal to Determine the Forest Fire History of the Blue Mountains, Oregon

Nicole Schaub. Petals and Anthers as Advertisements to Pollinators in Wild Roses

Lauren McCune. Ritualization: An Artist’s Book

Rose Ryan. Explorations in Cyanotype Process on Cloth

Laura Lambruschi. Glial Cells:Taken off the Bench and Put in the Game

Morgan Zeliff. Saddle Mountain West fault: An Investigation of the Seismic Hazard, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Teague Embrey. Seed Ecology of a Heavily Poached Tropical Palm

Jamie Hinderliter. The Big Sink: A Large Landslide in Oregon’s Blue Mountains

Mariel Young . Modeling and Analyzing the 1960s Drought in the Northeastern
United States

Jennifer Telfer, Debbie Nelson. How Do Specialist Bees Find Bellflowers?

Philip Moss. Does Light Trigger the Production of Open and Closed Flowers in Violets?

Kathy Bui. Adsorption from Sediments

Christopher Iacoboni. Geomorphology of Saddle Mountain East Fault

Margaret Lindahl. Characteristics of Mentors in Successful Relationships

Patrick Broxton. A Study of the Palouse Silt in Northeastern Walla Walla County, Washington

Leeann Dang. Comparative Direct Analysis of Type Ia Supernova Spectra. II.
Maximum Light


Session III 2:00-3:15 p.m.


Battling the Beast Within • Kimball Theater • Moderator: Nicole Bates

Kelli Kraft. The Battle Between Hepatitis C Virus and The Liver

Eric Scott. How Gall Makers Enslave Plants to Build Homes

Daniel Vanderbilt. Functionalized Cysteine Radiopharmaceuticals for Medical Imaging

Sara Suffis. Can We Stop a Lung from Smothering Itself in ARDS?

Jennifer Allen Brooks. Issues Facing Treatment of Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis

Connections to our World • Olin 130 • Moderator: Kathryn Russell

Christine Osborne. Social Looking Behavior in Infants: Age versus Locomotor Experience

Elizabeth Brey. The Effect of Walking Onset on Infant Temperament: A Longitudinal Study

Jeanne Tucker. The Chameleon Effect in Romantic Dyads

Caitlin Mulrooney-Lyski. Treating people like monkeys is fun! Grooming in Romantic Relationships: Why Do We Do It, and What Does It Mean?

Sarah Johnson. Perceptions of Parental Relationships and the Subsequent Effects on Attitudes towards Dating


Politics of Health • Olin 157 • Moderator: Christie Lundquist

Leora Fire. Culturally Competent Healthcare: Where Are We?

Thomas Miller. The Rhetoric of Struggle in Post-Apartheid South Africa: An Analysis
of Activist Responses to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic within Hierarchies of Stigma

Afua Ahwoi. Effects of the National Health Insurance Scheme in Ghana

Brian Kilgore. Youth HIV Transmission Related Behaviors in Botswana and
Washington State

Marta Jankowska. Polish Health Care Privatization


Race and Power • Brattain Auditorium • Moderator: Kevin Van Meter

Navneeta Rekhi. Indiana Jones: Savior or Colonizer?

Michael Woods. A Most Delicate Question: The Confederate Emancipation Debate and Southern Nationalism

Elana Stone. Intersectionality: Privilege and Oppression in Identity Politics

Beth Blum. Listening to Language: The Link between Voice and the Vernacular in Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Color Purple, and Mama Day

Emily Marshall. Two feminine antislavery perspectives in contrast: America’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Cuba’s Sab


Religion • Maxey 142 • Moderator: Jessica Bach

Emily Mitchell. Liberationist Pentecostalism: Politics as a Spiritual Battleground in Contemporary Latin America

Oliver Stiefel. When World Views Collide: An Ethnohistorical Account of Lakota Sioux Religion with Perspectives on Anthropology in the 21st Century

Garrett Stiles. Institutionalized Religious Intolerance at the United States Air Force Academy

Gareth Campbell. Fallen Angels and the Evolution of a “Devil” Figure

Braden Lobingier. Canonizing the Buddha: Christian and Buddhist Interaction
Through Myth


Ties to the Earth • Gaiser Auditorium • Moderator: Claudia G. Galeas

Robert Olsen. Yucca Mountain: Discourses of Exclusion

Sebastian Grubb. Sustainable Meanings: Environmental Rhetoric and Defining Sustainability

Ari van Schilfgaarde. What About That Damn Dam?

Courtney Foley. Preservation of the Nation:Conservation Easements and Their Role in Land Protection

Savanna Ferguson. The Curses of Stones: The Lives of Gold and Coal in the American Landscape


Women’s Voices and Movements • Reid Center GO2 • Moderator: Loraine Rohrback 

Lucy Palmersheim. Sisterhood Is Powerful: The Response of Sororities to the Women’s Movement

Sarah Ferguson. The Woman Rebel: Margaret Sanger and the United States Birth Control Movement

Andreea Coca. The Persistence of Mayan Myth, Tradition and Culture in Tan Veloz como el Deseo (As Swift as Desire) by Laura Esquivel

Lindsey Burton. The Bluestockings of Britain: Education and Influence in the Eighteenth Century

Dianne Boetsch. Baby, Don’t Leave Me: The Voice of Abandoned Women in Ovid’s Heroides


Musical Performances • Chism Auditorium • Moderator: Lisa Taylor

Chantal Stieber. Naturally, French Horn

Emma Wood. Requiem for Three Cellos and Piano, Opus 66 by David Popper

Michael Pinkham. High Mountains, Flowing Water: Solo Music of the Chinese Guzheng

Jill Combs. Piano Sonata No. 2 in D Minor, Opus 14 by Sergei Prokofiev

Madeline Swan. Ballade No. 2 in F Major, Opus 38 by Frederic Chopin


Session IV 3:45-5:00 p.m.


Alternatives • Olin 130 • Moderator: Nadem Agroh

Ashley Joyce-Sommerfeld. How Can We Make a Difference?: Veganism as an Environmental Movement

Jenna Bicknell. Comprehending Capitalism’s Contributions to Climate Change

Jill Schulte. The Bike Bites Back: Critical Mass As a Challenge to Carchitecture

Emily Jarvis. Slow Food: Analysis of a Social Movement

Amanda Peden. Bodies, Bibles and Green Values: Comparing Practices of the Body in Environmentalism and Seventh-day Adventism


Claiming and Reclaiming Identities • Olin 157 • Moderator: Mark Matthews

Erin Hatheway. K’oando: The Urban Offering of Cochabamba

Kerry Shannon. Remembering the Tokyo Firebombing

Sarah Dawe. The “Roosians” of Wallla Walla: A Local History of Ethnic Identity
and Community

Garrett Mills. Training Champions: Rome’s Art of Discipline in War


Documentary film • Maxey 206 • Moderator: Jen Tennent 

Maria Corcorran. Get Out: The Fight against Water Privatization in El Alto, Bolivia


Foucault and the Care of the Self • Kimball Theater • Moderator: Jessica Salvador

Lydia Eberly. Changing the World with S&M and Gardening: Foucault and the Creation of New Pleasures

Paul DiRado. Loneliness vs. Separateness

Hugo Vargas. Irony and Revolutionary Subjectivity

Erik Andersen. Spirituality, Conversion to the Self, and Salvation: A Reading of Foucault’s “Hermeneutics of the Subject


If it Glows • Gaiser Auditorium • Moderator: Cat Lewis

Leeann Dang. Supernovae Ia

Lyndsay Troyer. Getting rid of the Glow: The Removal of Uranium Contamination from Groundwater

Lena Nachand. A Magic Show (of the Chemical Nature!)


Reading the Record • Science 151 • Moderator: Noah Bronstein

Matthew Andring. Petrography, Geochemistry, and Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of the Granitic Ring Dikes in the Beaver Bay Complex

Ryan Porter. Anisotropy of North Shore Volcanic Group Rhyolites

Morgan Zeliff. Saddle Mountain West Fault: An Investigation of the Seismic Hazard, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Emily Mendell. Using Fossil Wood to Estimate Paleoclimate of Banks Island, Arctic Canada, and the Effects of Modern Climate Change on the Arctic Environment

Shannon Othus. Composition and Stratigraphy of Interbeds of Columbia River Basalt Group Related to the Initiation of the Mass Movement of Big Sink, Oregon


Sexuality and Gender • Maxey 142 • Moderator: Margi Bhatt

Hillary Chisholm. Images of Female Athletes: The Conflict of Negotiating Sexuality

Michael Espinoza. The Gender Fetish: Towards a Theory of Sexuality and Gender

Carly Sanders. Performing Identity: The Multi-Ethnic Woman’s Negotiation with Exoticism

Katherine Magid. Gender Roles in the Ex-Gay Movement


Published on Mar 9, 2006
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