WALLA WALLA, Wash.-- More than 140 Whitman students--about 10 percent of the student body--will present research and creative projects to the campus community Tuesday, April 5, when the college sponsors the seventh annual Whitman Undergraduate Conference. For a complete schedule, click here.

    Students from all disciplines are taking advantage again this year of this rare opportunity to share some of the original and sophisticated work performed in regular courses, senior theses, independent studies, collaborative learning projects, summer internships and study abroad, said Tom Callister, associate dean of students. “The conference celebrates the scholarship and creativity of the Whitman student body through a day devoted entirely to our students’ accomplishments.”

    Some students each year travel to conferences to present papers and posters, said Callister, but the annual undergraduate conference gives the entire student body the opportunity to present research. Presentations will be made in four sessions (plus one evening theatrical performance) at multiple locations around campus and cover many topics, including: Forgotten Veterans: Women Who Served in Vietnam; Wake Up. A Look at Racial Profiling in Walla Walla; Bolivian Coca-Culture; Revising the Myth of the West; The Guerilla Girls: Feminist Theory Unmasked; Specific Olfactory Cues Draw Bees to Bellflowers; That Damn Dam: Dam Removal and River Restoration; Core at It Relates to Student Racial Attitudes; and The Fatal Ring: Shakuntala Revisited.

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