WALLA WALLA, Wash.-- Pressing social issues facing the Latino communities of Washington will be the topic of an open public meeting on the Whitman College campus Monday, Dec. 5.


 “The State of the State for Washington Latinos” is a collaboratively authored report written by 12 advanced undergraduates at Whitman College in a research seminar taught by politics professor Paul Apostolidis. “This document appears to be the first comprehensive report on social conditions for Latinos in this state,” he said, adding that these issues touch the interests of all Washington residents. Apostolidis and his students will make their presentation at 7 p.m. in Ballroom B of the Reid Campus Center, 280 Boyer Ave., on the Whitman College campus. All Whitman and Walla Walla community members are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting and “join in the first public discussion of the results of the study.” Simultaneous Spanish translation will be provided.


 Major issues addressed in the study include:

 *academic achievement of Washington Latino students in kindergarten through 12th grade education, in the context of increased standardized tests and debates about bilingual education;

 *low rates of health insurance coverage among Latinos, and the high incidences of serious health problems such as diabetes;

 *the “social capital” needed to prevent Latino youth from becoming involved in gangs;

 *the financial and counseling resources necessary for people with limited prior education to make the most of community college adult education opportunities;

 *disproportionately low rates of home ownership by Latinos, and inadequate enforcement of mobile home park tenants’ rights;

 *agricultural workers’ knowledge of their legal rights and the ability of women farm workers to make their voices heard;

 *effective preschool education for Latino children in the Head Start program;

 *community and law enforcement resources for immigrant women who experience domestic violence;

 *Latino voter participation and Latino candidates for public office in Washington State.



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Paul Apostolidis

Associate Professor and Paul Garrett Fellow

Chair, Department of Politics, Whitman College, (509) 522-4426

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