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In another successful season for fellowships and grants, Whitman students and graduates netted 32 of the nation's most prestigious scholarships and awards. Six Whitties were also named as alternates and another two nabbed honorable mentions.

According to Director of Fellowships and Grants Keith Rather, 37.5 percent of all these recipients represent underserved or diverse populations.

"I'm delighted that another large, tremendously talented group of Whitman students and alumni have earned—and I emphasize that word—the country’s top fellowships, scholarships and grants," he said. "The application process for these programs isn't for the faint of focus, so their achievements reflect clear intentions, great commitment and smart, hard work." 

The full list of recipients for the 2016-17 academic year is as follows. 

Watson Fellowship

  • Nina Finley '17 ("One Health: Human Impacts of Emerging Wildlife Diseases," one year of independent travel and study in Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, Malaysia and Russia)
  • Sam Perkins '17 ("The Language of Wildfire: Collisions of Nature, Society and Uncertainty," one year of independent travel and study in Australia, Chile, Japan and Nepal) Read more.  

Fulbright U.S. Student Program

  • Alex Waheed '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia)     
  • Nina Finley '17 (research, genetic analysis of native Galápagos mollusks, Ecuador, declined offer) 
  • Peter Ramaley '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Colombia) 
  • Marra Clay '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Malaysia)
  • Lizzy Harvey '16 (English Teaching Assistantship, Argentina)
  • Noah Oltman '16 (English Teaching Assistantship, Germany)
  • Sayda Morales '15 (English Teaching Assistantship, Spain; alternate, awaiting further word) Read more.  

Austria Teaching Assistants Program

  • Groover Snell '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Vienna)
  • Noah Oltman '16 (English Teaching Assistantship, Gmunden, declined offer) Read more.  

Marshall Memorial Fellowship

  • Amanda Hoey '04 (leadership development, German Marshall Fund) Read more.

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Nevé Baker '15 (ecology and evolutionary biology, University of California at Santa Cruz)
  • Hanna Kahl '11 (entomology, University of Maryland)
  • Taylor White '13 (honorable mention)
  • Chris Saxby '11 (honorable mention) Read more.   

Goldwater Scholarship

  • Gabe Juul '18 (science research) Read more.   

U.S. Department of State Critical Language Scholarship

  • Bassel Jamali '19 (Arabic, Tangier, Morocco)
  • Uma Trivede '17 (Indonesian, Malang, Indonesia)
  • Dessie Weigel '17 (Urdu, Lucknow, India) Read more.   

El Pomar Fellowship

  • Kincaid Hoffman '17 (two-year leadership development program, Colorado)  

Capital Fellows Program

  • Arthur Shemitz '17 (Executive Program, California State Government, Sacramento)  

French Teaching Assistants Program

  • Hillary Smith '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Orléans-Tours)
  • Brigit O'Sullivan '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Bordeaux)
  • Sami Carillo '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Créteil)
  • Alex Waheed '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Orléans-Tours, declined offer)  

Davis Projects for Peace

  • Annie Want '17 (Youth Leadership Through Athletics: Justice-Driven Peace-Building in collaboration with AGE UP, South Seattle)  

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

  • Griselda Guevara-Cruz '11  

DAAD University Summer Course Grant

  • Maria Setyoyudo '17 (summer study, Berlin)  

Gilman International Scholarship

  • Brooke Terkovich '18 (Chile)
  • Magaly Gonzalez '18 (Chile)
  • Breanna Mehling '18 (Turks & Caicos)
  • Gabe Juul '18 (Scotland)

  • Lydia Petroskie '18 (alternate)
  • anelle Heitmeier '18 (alternate)
  • Jessica Kostelnick '18 (alternate) Read more.   

Spanish Teaching Assistants Program

  • Maria Kajercline '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Castilla y León, declined offer)
  • Ben Caldwell '17 (English Teaching Assistantship, Valencia)  

Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs

  • Gambhir Kunwar '17 (leadership training in public affairs, Pittsburgh program; alternate)

Princeton in Africa Fellowship

  • Faith Nyakundi '17 (education and youth development, American School of Economics, Cotonou, Benin; alternate)