This is the plain TeX source for the Whitman Calculus book. The tarball calcbook.tbz should contain everything needed to produce the book other than files that should be in every TeX distribution. There is a Makefile that automates a typical build, and a script that produces pdf files of individual chapters. This tarball was last updated on June 20, 2012, 13:41.

The book can now be made in four flavors using the provided Makefile: single or multivariable, early or late transcendentals.

The tarball applets.tbz contains all the applets referenced by the book. The book Makefile is set up to point to the Whitman server in the live links in the pdf file. Look at the Makefile to see how to change this. You can copy the applets to a local server and modify the book to point to the local copy for faster access. The applets were produced with the JavaViewLib software and Maple. You do not need this tarball if you're happy pointing to the Whitman server.

The tarball bookmacros.tbz contains the text for a short manual explaining how to use the macros that produce the book. These macros depend on a number of non-standard macro files. Both tarballs, multivariable.tbz and bookmacros.tbz, contain all of these files, so that the unpacked directories are self-contained. These files can of course be moved to some standard system location and eliminated from the individual directories. This tarball was last updated on June 14, 2012, 11:36.

I would be delighted to receive corrections, suggestions, and contributions to the book. I would particularly appreciate receiving new exercises. Of course, if you need major modifications to adapt the book to your needs, you are welcome to produce your own new version from the source.

I would appreciate knowing of anyone who uses this book in a class, and also would appreciate being able to see a copy of any modified version.

David Guichard