There are four versions of the text in two formats. The book was last updated December 1, 2022, 16:42.

Until the 2023 edition I will generally make only minor changes, such as typos and wrong answers to exercises. When there is a substantive change, I will update the files and note the change in the changelog.

[] You can get a printed copy of the book at Lulu sometimes has special offers for discounts or free shipping; check the main Lulu page before you order. You can also save on shipping by buying multiple copies, if you know of others who would like the book. The printed book is the 2019 edition, as it is nearly identical to the 2020 version and about half the price that a new one would be.

I have created a google group for discussions and questions about the book. This is intended to be user supported—I will not be answering all questions myself, or monitoring the group constantly.

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More PDF files

If you want to print out the text, you may prefer to download individual chapters; if you want to read the book on a computer screen, the whole book linked above is a better choice, as it contains live links that let you easily jump from place to place in the book and to documents and demonstrations on the web. The links "2 up" and "4 up" will give you versions with two or four book pages per printed page.

The links below are for the early transcendentals multivariable book. For the other versions see:

Table of Contents and Introduction (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 1: Analytic Geometry (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 2: The Derivative (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 3: Rules for Finding Derivatives (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 4: Transcendental Functions (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 5: Curve Sketching (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 6: Applications of the Derivative (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 7: Integration (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 8: Techniques of Integration (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 9: Applications of Integration (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 10: Polar Coordinates, Parametric Equations (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 11: Sequences and Series (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 12: Three Dimensions (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 13: Vector Functions (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 14: Partial Differentiation (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 15: Multiple Integration (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 16: Vector Calculus (2 up) (4 up)

Chapter 17: Differential Equations (2 up) (4 up)

Appendix A: Answers (2 up) (4 up)

Appendix B: Useful Formulas (2 up) (4 up)

Index (2 up) (4 up)


I am always happy to receive suggestions, corrections, and contributions at I would especially appreciate new exercises, preferably with answers and solutions. At some point I would like to put together a solutions manual; solutions to existing problems are also most welcome to help this along.

The source code for the book is available, with some linux scripts to help with production. The source here usually lags the production version, which incorporates the changes listed in the changelog. If you need the current source, send me an email and I will update it as soon as possible.

For instructors

Albert Schueller has collected some webwork exercises that track the book section-by-section for Calculus I , Calculus II , and Calculus III , if you are running a WebWork server.