Mathematical Games

Merlin Puzzle (Java)
Lights Out Puzzle (Java)


The Whitman Calculus Book
Jerry Keisler's Infinitesimals-based Calculus Book
A Free Linear Algebra Text from UPS
Introduction to Higher Mathematics

Mathematics Pages

Mathematical genealogy
History of Mathematics Home Page
St. Andrews Mathematics Site: History, Biographies, Interactive Curves
The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics
Mathematical Quotation Server
University of Pennsylvania Electronic Textbook
PWS Calculus Modules OnLine
Fractals & the Mandelbrot set
ODE Phase Plane Plotter (Requires Java)
Function Plotter (Java)
Abstract Algebra Online
The Matrix Market
Sloane's On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Mathematician Trading Cards
Prefix names for really big and really small numbers
A short course in trigonometry (Java)
The Geometry Applet (Java)
Euclid's Elements (Java)

Other Mathematics Departments

University of Leeds
Smith College
St. Olaf College
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University of the Pacific
Vassar College